Professional Systems Associates, Inc.


PSA, Inc. builds Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software: CMPRO. CMPRO supports the product development process, integrating people, data, processes, and providing a product information backbone for organizations.

CMPRO’s ability to simplify and automate processes involving engineering, configuration, inventory, and product data means that an organization is empowered to more effectively design, produce, maintain, and manage the products and items that are central to its business goals. CMPRO is a web-based, Commercial-off-the-Shelf PLM solution designed to orchestrate all of your organization’s PLM data in one secure database. Providing numerous out-of-the-box solutions, CMPRO’s architecture is designed to allow for rapid customization around its core engine. This approach enables CMPRO to meet the needs of each client’s unique business process environment.

Integrating CMPRO into your business helps ease the success and management of your processes. Our integrated modules can help provide end-to-end automation and a centralized repository for your data. Using the centralized data repository approach means you enter data once for use throughout the system, which reduces labor costs, reduces data-entry errors, ensures the integrity of your data and allows for real-time status. All of these components work together to establish data usability and integrity while improving the quality of your products.